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So in layman’s words marketing is something that helps you sell something, be it a product, service or company. And social media marketing is a new age marketing technique.

It’s a big hit! Everyone’s on social media these days. Many people have started advertising their products and services on it. Instagram being the 2nd number on the list (after Facebook) is extremely popular. Billions of people are actively using it every month.

Even though Instagram is on the second number on the list, it is still more useful for marketing and has more traffic in terms of that. This is the reason many people are marketing themselves on this platform. 

Specifically, businesses related to the fashion, travel, or food industries have an awesome opportunity to connect with their audience on the application you can easily download for free.

Even then, only 30% of businesses are active on social media and have a presence on Instagram. You may realize that a low business adoption rate will mean that you will face lower competition and see a very high social engagement and more free Instagram followers.

We have seen user growth skyrocket to over 700 million users in Instagram in 2017 from nothing in just 7 years.

That is not even the best part. The coming part is!

Brands are noticing an average of four times the engagement compared to Facebook. While media companies, specifically, are seeing up to 10 to 12 times more engagement.

The risk in this is that more and more businesses posting so much content could lead to fewer viewers for everyone else.

To give an example, with the rise in the frequency of updates on the Instagram feed, a free Instagram follower misses about 70% of posts from the accounts they follow.

These are some tips to help you gain more free followers and market yourself and your brand efficiently

Best Instagram tips of 2022

  1. Create an Instagram Strategy

There are so many people, businesses, posting so much content. So your reach continues to fall as a result. Coming straight to the point, there’s just too much content to go around and not enough viewers to see it.

So in today’s time, good enough isn’t good enough. There is no chance of average stuff breaking through. 

You have got to stand out. Though, it isn’t very easy. Especially not when you’re competing against so many professionals. We are talking about professional content creators who get a large number of beautiful images. This has made their audience very spoiled. They log in to Instagram expecting to see greatness. 

So raise the bar, create a goal. People should have a reason to follow you. They aren’t interested in following brands. Would you be interested in getting dog food updates for no reason?

So make sure you have a definite path to go on. For example, you can speak about why you do what you do not just what you do.

You could use this platform for various reasons-

  1. Build brand awareness at a faster rate than other ways, like billboards
  2. You can bring down the high costs that would have gone over to customer care or advertising
  3. You can also increase profit by using the engagement lead to more purchases of your services and products

Change your daily tactics and see your account growing.

  1. Load up your updates with relevant hashtags

People tend to load up their posts with irrelevant hashtags, this brings down their motive. You should do proper research on which hashtags would help you the best. You can search about the top and trending hashtags that go with your brand. This will narrow down your target audience and people interested in topics related to your brand will most like come across your posts.

This increases your engagement with your users and everything works systematically.

You can go to your old posts and update their hashtags into more relevant ones so they start showing up in others feeds. 

The same applies to location tags too. You can add your location so people around that area are more likely to see your posts. 

So go and make a list of the most popular hashtags and select the ones that go with your brands and post.

  1. Find and engage with top content

Engagement is very important for any brand because it determines its reach. It can be divided into two parts, frequency and reach. 

Frequency is the number of times you connect with one person.

Reach is the number of people you connected with.

Both of them are very important for you. If you want to make your brand big, you need your content to reach as many people as possible.

Don’t wait for people to engage with you. You do it first. You can like and comment on others posts. Commenting and replying to your posts in the comment section also gives you an advantage. 

More comments draw people’s attention and increase its life. Most posts’ half-life is just 1 hour. Can you believe that? (Half-life- when it gets half of the total number of views it’s gonna get)

So go and engage more!

  1. Find and share user-generated content

You may want to create a nice and attractive feed for your brand and may wanna keep clicking pictures for the same. But imagine how many pictures you will have to click to post a few posts every day (because of the short half-life) 

This can become a big burden for you, so why not share the workload? Just contact bloggers, influencers and others that may be interested in clicking pictures of your products and uploading them on their accounts. This will not only reduce your workload but will also show better results.

You will get their followers, viewers and they’ll show more interest in your brand than before. It may create a buzz amongst people and more people may be willing to upload your content online. It’s just about finding the right people and following the correct strategy.

It’s a win-win, isn’t it? We see no reason to follow this

  1. Host a photo contest to engage your followers and expand your brand’s reach

You can host many interesting contents. There are typically 3 types of contests, “like to win” and “email-gated” are less interactive and show limited results. 

You host contests that require all participants to post content related to your brand and tag you. You can choose a particular theme or keep it open. You can think of attractive prizes that will draw more people into the contest. 

You can set goals like post 100 pictures with #xyz or something like increasing our followers by 30%. The participants will enjoy taking part in this. They would also love to keep those images as their display picture as it increases their reach. Being a part of something will make them feel good about their work and content. 

So start thinking and researching about the possible contests you can host.

  1. Express yourself with the fastest growing language in UK history

You know how important it is to use the same language to converse or connect with someone. Not knowing or being comfortable with the same language can be a big barrier.

So use the language that’s understood by everyone. And here we talking about emoticons. You can express yourself better and get more engagement by using these. There were surveys conducted where people stated that they could express their emotions much better when using emoticons. 

You can use emoticons in your bio, captions etc. It will catch people’s attention much quicker than usual. Using the right emoticons can increase your reach by a lot. Create a pattern or theme that will be followed by all your posts. This is where you will use your emoticons.

You can always comment on things like ‘such a cute baby’ and add a heart emoji or a heart eye emoji beside it. It looks much more expressive.

  1. Use the right filters and post high-quality content regularly

With the development in technology, everything is of very high quality. Make sure you are up to date and upload high-quality images. Use proper filters and make your pictures more visually appealing. Filtered photos are 21% more likely to be viewed and 45% more likely to be commented on.

It is said that using filters like “no filter” or “inkwell” drives most of the interaction to the posts. 

You can use tools like iconosquare and see for yourself which filter you like the most. This way you can select the filter which goes best with your brand account.

  1. Shell out some dollars on Instagram celebrities for getting sponsored placements

The old and traditional way of gaining followers works the best today too. Just lose money and get your brand or product sponsored by celebrities with a large number of following. This works great.

You just have to pay upfront for each post they sponsor. The budget depends on the number of their following. You can choose any celebrity you wish or like. You can search online and find people who are relevant to your brand. Like, find a celebrity with very healthy and glowing skin if your product is a skincare product.

Make sure they make it more authentic and less like a scripted ad. That is the way. People will be inclined on using those promoted goods.

Why not pay for getting your brand on ads? This is because most of the people today are banner-blind. This means that people will subconsciously ignore anything that even resembles an ad. This is why wasting money on such banners, posters or campaigns can bring you no results.

  1. Cross-Promote Instagram on Other Channels

It sure isn’t easy to discover by people on Instagram, especially when it has billion of people. You can easily be missed out. This is exactly why we have talked about so many nerdy things like hashtags and engagement.

But one of the best ways to get yourself more followers is by promoting yourself on other platforms. This way you can draw people from there to your Instagram account. It doesn’t have to be tough.

You can share links to your posts on WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook etc. Your existing followers (and others) will be drawn to your Instagram page if your content is captivating enough.

  1. How to Dominate Instagram Advertising

Instagram sure boasts about its ads. It costs more than what the same costs on Facebook or Twitter. But at the same time, the results are much better too. Advertising on other platforms brings fewer results and are very complicated. On the other hand, Instagram ads are very simple to start with. You can choose the kind of audience you are looking for, and stuff like that. 

Here you have them in 3 forms

Posts- They are standard images like posters

Videos- You already know what videos are, yeah? Just use them for ads

Carousels- Many images in the same post

You can choose any form of ad you are comfortable with that suits your content. Your following can skyrocket if this feature is used smartly.

That’s all for today’s blog. We hope you liked and enjoyed it. We are certain you will get a lot of help from these tips if you follow them well. Read them again and make them a part of your daily Instagram practice. Stay tuned for more such content.

See you in our next blog…

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