20 Powerful Marketing Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

20 Powerful Marketing Strategies to grow ROAS in Performance Marketing

We all know what an efficient Performance Marketing campaign can do for an eCommerce brand, it’s no secret! You can do it all with the right use of paid Google & Facebook Ads, be it scaling its sales and revenue or boosting its market position. 

But the question is, are paid digital Ad campaigns the only way to get the maximum returns on your performance marketing efforts and establish yourself as a market leader?

The answer is very simple…No!

There are a number of practices as a modern eCommerce brand- apart from running digital ads- that should be done in order to build a brand that attracts consumers effectively and converts them effortlessly.

This is because even if you are shelling out 10 lakh every single month in digital ads but your brand lacks awareness and has literally zero social media base, hygienic image etc, Statistics says that you may lose out up to 75% of your prospective customers cause pf these issues.

We are here to tell you how you can maximize your performance marketing efforts with the 15 best “Non-Digital Ads” practices

Performance Marketing Practices for Maximum Results

  1. Maintain your social media handles

In this digital world where everyone is busy scrolling their phones. Social media rules and dictates our identity as humans, brands are not far left behind either. Having and maintaining social media presence is important to engage and retain your audience at the same time.

Tip- You can begin by creating content around twice or thrice every week and then gradually making it more consistent.

  1. Raise social awareness through your posts

There is nothing more engaging than educating people about sustaining social issues like stereotypes, taboos, public health concerns, just toxic rituals and much more.

To take it forward, if you are in the health and wellness industry, you can talk about the unhealthy obsession with the “celebrity-like”/ “desirable” bodies or raise awareness about different types of skin. If you are in the apparel or beauty industry, you can spark up a conversation about sustainable fashion, beauty standards etc. 

  1. Run Brand Awareness Campaigns on Facebook

Other than the usual conversion campaigns, you should start running brand awareness campaigns directly from the ads manager.

Through these brand awareness campaigns, you can reach a very broad target audience at a fairly low cost. You can then retarget conversion ads towards these few people for the best results.

  1. Tap into Reels: The powerhouse of reaching masses

Instagram Reels are spreading like fire. Every other person is making reels and scrolling through their feed. Making the most out of it with an optimized reels strategy for higher engagement and conversions is one of the best options

  1. Conduct frequent giveaways/contests on social media

These will really help you in keeping your audience hooked to your page and website. Thus, boosting brand awareness and its visibility.

Promote follower-boosting contests such as – “The participants must follow the page to enter the contest and tag 5 friends on the post” or “Share this post on stories and tag us”

  1. Influencer Marketing

A simple search online can take you on the most happening influencer pages. Start small with influencers of a small community to get a grip on the game and then climb up the ladder gradually. Offer your products a well-strategized proposal to make the most of influencer marketing.

  1. Share reviews and testimonials

Testimonials given by your customers give your brand a humanly touch and offer your audience a much-required peek into the results they can expect from your products. You can promote those testimonials via different platforms.

  1. Email Marketing

Emails are still the most effective marketing channels, brands use these days. Collect the contacts of your prospective customers through your site and share your latest discounts, promotions, new arrivals and much more through newsletters. And voila! Consistent lead generation.

  1. Take up Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing is when you keep up with all the latest trends, news etc. and use it creatively to promote your brand or product. Some of the top brands that are experts with Moment Marketing are Zomato, Amul, Fevicol etc.

  1. Run Promotional Offers on your website

By running frequent promotional offers on your site, you are making sure that users are constantly engaging with your brand. It should not be a sale always but rather you can run ‘Buy1 Get1’, ‘Spin the wheel to win coupons’, ‘First purchase Discount’, etc.

  1. Post, Before & After customer service

A good and promising before, during and post-service helps in improving customer loyalty towards a brand and helps gain the customer’s trust. It is beneficial in the long run as we are not only retaining the customer base through referral marketing

  1. Hot flash sale

A flash sale is an impromptu sale hosted by the brands for a certain amount of time (short). Unlike other festive sales and end of season sales where we have a specific time period, the flash sale can be hosted whenever you want during the year. Hosting such sales often keep your customers glued to your social media and website. Thus, increasing engagement.

  1. Implement reviews 

Reviews on the website help the customers gain trust in the brand. They feel much more confident when making a purchase. The more reviews and feedback your product page has, the more content and satisfaction will be your customer. And thus, the more successful will be your conversion.

— Reviews with product’s pictures helps in building added confidence & trust.

  1. Add an option of live chat on the website

Having a Live Chat option on your website helps you to solve your customer queries when they are still present on the website, & hence increasing the chances of conversion. It is one of the most effective tools to saves the customer’s as well as the business’s time. The customers get a very traditional store shopping experience if their doubts are getting resolved at the very moment on the website.

Last but not the least, A/B testing.

What works for one brand might not work for another (or you). Every brand is unique & we have to keep on testing and trying things until we figure out what is best for us.

  1. Get featured in a major publication

If you want a huge spike in traffic, get featured in a major publication. It will get you lots of people to convert into customers.  Project management software ‘I Done This grew into a large brand’ is using this very strategy.

  1. Launch a referral programme

If you want to develop a large following very quickly, you need to look into referral marketing.

This is a very basic strategy where you allow customers to help you in promoting your product for you. It’s quite a simple concept, but it isn’t used nearly enough by most of the startups we have seen.

It’s very critical to use since 92% of people trust personal recommendations more than all other forms of marketing.

You intend to get your customers excited to share the news of your startup with their friends and promote it well.

To make this happen effectively, do not build a referral program from scratch. I mean all other companies have done the hard work for you.

  1.  Use your product to address a social cause

If you are seeking something highly creative that will skyrocket your brand to success, consider using the product itself for a social cause.

What does this look like? It means that your clients or customers are able to interact with your physical product in a way that helps a greater purpose.

  1. Give out free Tshirts

It might sound too simple to be true, but giving away free tee shirts is an awesome way to increase your brand awareness.

Similar to the stickers that helped build Reddit into a huge website, tee shirts create an identification with your brand that others will begin recognizing soon.

  1. Connect with another brand

If your startup is very small to draw a large audience by itself, the answer to building a huge group of loyal fans may just be to partner with another company larger than you.

With the release of the Android 4.4 version, the Android developers created a partnership with the candy company KitKat.

Android’s smart promotion with KitKat helped it reach new customers. In turn, KitKat customers learned about various phones and tablets.

  1. Bribe new customers with cash

As silly as it sounds, you can bribe new customers with cash along with paying for other marketing strategies.

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