Top 7 Reasons You Must Have The Best Website

According to Inc Magazine, 92% of consumers visit the websites of a brand before making their 1st purchase.

These statistics explain how important a website is for your business. It is your customer’s interaction with your brand.

In this article, we’re gonna discuss the importance of having an attractive and fast loading website and how it can help to grow revenue for your business.

These are the reasons why you need a website for your business

1) To acquire new customers through google search

People are searching on google with the intent to make a purchase. If you aren’t here it means you are losing a big chunk of your audience.

For the time being, consumers are searching for their service provider’s online presence to understand more about them.

Google search has been evolving for long period and ranking on the SERPs is a must for the sustainability of the businesses.

You need a strong SEO strategy to get traction from your audience

If you don’t have a good SEO-friendly web design of course you should go for it and consequently avoid mistakes while redesigning it.

In the end, your user interface is your first interaction with your customers. It should give the right message to them. And motivate them to purchase it.

2) Your competitors have a website

Your website is your online office.

You search any keyword related to your industry and yes you will get lakhs of results on google. What does that indicate?

It means your competitors are there. Does that mean you can’t rank yourself on the google search result page?

Not at all! To rank on Google SERP, you need to put out the original content on google and showcase your audience about your services USP and how you are different from your competitors.

And this is how you can create your space in this online marketplace. If it is working for your competitors it means it will work out for your brand as well.

Forbes says that a website is a must for all the business despite their nature of the operation. It helps to strengthen the brand.

We just need to figure out the right strategy to move ahead with. Remember one thing, it’s the internet era, and if you missed to scale and automate, your competitors will not.

3) People Judge your credibility through your online presence

People come on Google to know about you. what exactly they want? They wanted to know the credibility of your business. How much successful your products and services are.

In fact none want to be the first. Everyone wanted a tried and tested solutions like your engagement (likes, comments, views) matters the most when it comes to brand building.

The point is that how well your brand is communicating with your audience? and whether it is successful in delivering the right message or not. Industries are extremely dynamic and hence your website should be updated according to your business model.

Being visible on the internet through your Website and Social Handles is the first step to build credibility. The more credible your brand will be the more revenue you are going to make.

4) You can showcase your product’s service in the best way

Research says that a good user experience enhances the conversion rate.

So it is necessary to showcase your products in the right way. It should not look like you are becoming too pushy when it comes to sales.

People are not interested in our products and service rather they are interested in the solution to their problem.

The approach should be to educate them and build a relationship with them. It becomes possible to list your services in a well-bound format to show to your audience because of the right web design.

Beautiful graphics can be used to represent the solution that your product is solving. 

A user is landed on your web page means he is interested in getting the solution from you in the form of you.

The more simple yet and to the point, your website will be the chances of purchase will increase.

5) To display review & testimonial

Another major benefit of owning a website is to show your testimonials. There are lots of review rating sites that help the user to rate the businesses.

You can embed a video testimonial of your clients showing them how your product has helped them to achieve the results.

It will help you get more customers as well as in ranking your site. Humans often make decisions based on what others are saying about a specific product.

The stronger portfolio or a testimonial you have the better your conversion ratio will be.

6) Business with websites are easily accessible

You can scale your business globally using a website.

A chatbot, CRM, and Payment Integrations can save a lot of time and increase the efficiency of your business.

Your business will become accessible from anywhere to everywhere from your website.

All you need is to integrate it with some extra features like an option to switch to the local language for a better understanding of the visitors.

This can help you to capture the global market.

7) Expands your working hours through automation

A website remains live 24 by 7 for 365 days and therefore there are no limits to how much you should scale.

It has no limits for expansion as long as there are people on this planet. Just kidding.

It can give all the analytics of all the things. How people are interacting with it? What is the Click rate? Average time spent on each web page, etc.

You can build an automated sales funnel by using your website for a few hundred dollars. Of course, It will take some time but definitely, it will give results for a longer period as long as you restrict your audience.

The thumb rule is to adapt to the change and increase your efficiency but in contrast, some entrepreneurs think that they are not tech-savvy. They cant handle running their business through a website.

It’s a myth however you need to do is to hire the right consultant who can guide you in doing so.

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A website is an integral part of your business. You should have it irrespective of your industry to showcase your work to your clients and prospect.

Automation of the processes through a website can help you to save a lot of effort and money as well.

You can see a financial J curve for your business once you build it and optimized it.

It’s up to us, how much we want to gain from it.

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